Photo Story

Author’s statement:

The yellow Power Ranger is stranded far from the city. He sees a car parked some distance away and decides to approach it to see if the driver will give him a ride. Upon arriving close to the car, he realizes that it is empty and that the driver’s side window is open. He gets into the car and drives off, but is soon stopped by the police.
The Power Ranger figurine is only about one inch tall, so I shot it in low- angle closeup in the first frame to make it look larger. The second and third frames were also shot low angle, but a bit further away
The skyline was created by shining a flashlight on a blue plastic binder, and the red police lights were created by using the emergency flashing lantern on the back of the same flashlight. All photos were shot or edited so as to avoid showing the edges of the binder as well as the fact that the « road » is a shelf.

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